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Bijan Shoeleh

Design Technology Portfolio Manager, DataIrvine, CA
Headshot of Bijan Shoeleh

As IBI’s Regional Technology Lead responsible for all USA offices, I have taken the responsibility to move the company into the Building Information Modeling era using Autodesk Revit, Navisworks and Virtual Reality. I have helped develop company standards, trains staff in Revit and continue as a BIM Mentor to other IBI project teams across the globe. I have developed budget and time saving custom software for IBI to automate various tasks, from Complete Building surveys and asset management software, Inventory and drafting to building coordination and design. I have also helped establish protocols to allow all teams to work on any project across the United States and Canada remotely and effectively. I graduated with Bachelor of Architecture (Magna Cum Laude) from California State University and have practiced in the field of architecture for over 20 years. I have extensive skills in Building information modeling, building development from schematic designs to construction documents and construction Coordination. I also have an extensive practical knowledge of computer technology, software development, Building Information Modeling, rendering and graphics software.

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