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Cody Pendleton

Head of Technology, HotSpotFredericton, NB
Headshot of Cody Pendleton

Cody Pendleton has been instrumental in the growth and success of HotSpot Parking, building the secure software infrastructure as it’s known today. In addition to his IT Program Analysis Degree, his previous experience owning and operating various companies has further enhanced HotSpot’s capability in technology and programming. His understanding of business complexity, logical thought process and managerial practices has been a valuable asset in expanding HotSpot’s in-house IT team. Cody leads the technical team in full-stack development, managing & planning, product development, and is skilled in speaking with customers at the Executive level. Notably, Cody is the principal contact leading the process of obtaining HotSpot’s ISO 27000 & 27001 certifications, and effectively maintains the high-level security and privacy compliance that HotSpot holds as standard.

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