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Kamran Naseem

Manager | Urban Planning Bhubaneswar, India“It is good to plan for big with long term vision, but that journey should be covered with smaller interventions rather than waiting for the big vision to happen at one go..”
Headshot of Kamran Naseem

Kamran Naseem is an Architect-Urban Planner, working as a specialist identifying Urban and Regional economic, social and environmental issues, developing short- and long-term plans to create, grow and revitalize communities and areas. Working with deep commitment towards creating livable/sustainable/ intelligent cities, I have always been fascinated by the city at its various scales and have in the last few years explored the various layers which constitute the urban fabric– where in its labyrinthine alleys exist several microcosms, each inter-connected to make a complete system. With specialization in core urban planning and placemaking, I have worked on national and international projects within IBI Group. The overall experience includes, study, analysis, conceptual design and construction drawings of urban and regional projects in the realm of Transit Oriented Development, Zonal Development, Site planning and Smart Cities.

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