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Airport Ground Transportation System

A proven solution for airports to manage their groundside transportation commercial fleet.

The Airport Ground Transportation System (GTS) integrates with vehicle tracking equipment to monitor the movements of commercial vehicles like taxis, buses and TNCs as they pick up and drop off passengers at the curb.


Using the GTS system allows an airport’s ground transportation team to:

  • Track vehicles through various zones of the airport
  • Assess fees based on configurable business rules
  • Detect and manage violations
  • Send alert notifications

A modular solution for easy deployment

The Airport GTS is flexible, scalable and modular, allowing it to be deployed quickly and configured for each airport.

Smaller airports benefit from our highly configurable turnkey solution, which can be setup with basic business rules in place. For larger airports, the underlying software remains the same but the system scales with more field equipment and more robust storage and servers.

Financial module

Track and manage all financial transactions. This module also acts as a public-facing website for commercial vehicle operators to make payments or setup a prepaid account.

Account module

Configure your GTS solution with companies, contacts, permits and associated vehicles. Companies can also be setup with a variety of vehicle types including taxis, limos, shuttles and buses.

Vehicle module

Commercial vehicles can be tracked through an airport for revenue collection using cost-effective methods like RFID tags and readers, license plate recognition, mobile apps and Bluetooth beacons.

Real time data & reporting

IBI Group’s GTS solution has been integrated with real-time data feeds coming from TNC’s. Archive real-time data, like when TNC vehicles enter and exit the airport property for reporting.

Rely on IBI Group’s experienced staff to help you through the system transition and improve your ground transportation service.

Airport taxi dispatch

Our airport taxi software simplifies dispatch, management, and fee collection in designated pickup/drop-off zones. Combine the Airport GTS with our Airport Taxi Dispatch product to manage fares.

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eDispatch mobile app

The eDispatch app is a shift from traditional airport taxi staging and dispatch. A virtual queue allows drivers to avoid a physical line of cars that:

  • Reduces holding lot size
  • Saves drivers hours of waiting time

All our Mobility-focused products are designed to work seamlessly together – but are also available as stand-alone solutions. Just like our transportation networks, our smart systems need to connect with one another to offer stronger flexibility in all aspects of urban movement.

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