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Electric Vehicle Charging

Optimize your parking space with a sustainable solution to meet electric vehicle charging infrastructure demand.

As electric vehicles continue to gain popularity globally, the demand to charge your vehicle continues to rise. zEVo provides property owners an electric vehicle charging (EVC) solution powered by industry-leading technology that reduces the impact on the electrical grid and contributes to a more sustainable future.


Leverage Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant EVC software to provide users a seamless experience and avoid vendor lock-in.

Enjoy safe and secure payment processing and charger management at a competitive price across all locations.


Partner with a company committed to the pursuit of a net-zero future with a long-standing history of success in the transportation, infrastructure, technology, and systems industries.


Differentiate yourself from your peers with an expanded amenity offering. We will provide a customized solution that offers EV owners a place to charge their vehicle that is fully managed by our team, so that facility owners can focus on their core business.

A customizable solution to meet your requirements

We offer flexible pricing structures so you can implement a cost-effective solution while meeting your property’s EV charging requirements.

A seamless experience from start to finish

Site Assessment

We will review existing and proposed parking areas to map electrical capacity.


We will deliver an in-depth recommendation highlighting proposed hardware and pricing options.


We maintain a strong network of industry partners to ensure a smooth installation process.

Operations & Management

We will provide ongoing support and system management.


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