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Road Permitting System

Manage the road closure permit process from application to issue, improving efficiency and eliminating paper documents. 

Handled incorrectly, permit management can cause major roadblocks in a project’s development. Our software automates the process, facilitating all aspects of the application procedure, while providing applicants and approvers with a clearer picture of logistics, costing, and conflicts. Key features include:

Paperless Process — Digitize your permitting process and improve record-keeping by eliminating all paper-based application documents. 

API Support — Easily share closure information with third parties using our developer interface. 

Mapping Module — GIS database gives you the ability to view and track planned events and permits on interactive maps. 

Business Intelligence — Benefit from deep reporting and metrics to understand the frequency and impact of closures. 

Auto Conflict — Detect conflicts between planned closures within a defined radius and link dependent closures. 

Users can also easily access and manage: 

  • Online permit forms
  • Spatial reference models
  • Lane, sidewalk and door closure charges
  • Status tracking throughout permit lifecycle
  • Tools to assist operators with permit review, approvals, issuing and payments

Our mobility ecosystem

All our Mobility-focused products are designed to work seamlessly together – but are also available as stand-alone solutions. Just like our transportation networks, our smart systems need to connect with one another to offer stronger flexibility in all aspects of urban movement. 

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