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2010 Vancouver Olympics

Serving as Prime Consultant to the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee (VANOC), IBI Group led master planning, signage and wayfinding strategies as well as visual development for graphic installations at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. 

Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee (VANOC)
Vancouver, BC

The 21st Winter Olympics made their triumphant return to Canada in 2010, and IBI Group played a key role in the master planning, placemaking, and urban visual identity development of Vancouver’s largest ever landmark event. 

In our role as Prime Consultant, IBI Group oversaw production and quarterly updates to the Overlay Master Plan in the three years leading up to the Games. Throughout this process, we regularly assessed conflicts and opportunities in regards to transportation/transit, goods and services delivery, hotel accommodation and Olympic Pageantry programs taking place across Metro Vancouver, the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, and the Resort Municipality of Whistler. Our work in this regard became the benchmark that influenced other planning decisions by VANOC and partner municipalities. 

IBI Group also assumed leadership in developing the ‘Look of the Games – Urban Domain’ program with an emphasis on public realm placemaking. Our visual interpretations built upon VANOC’s “Sea-to-Sky” (blue to green) colour palette, coming to life in the form of 40 environmental design initiatives spread across the Vancouver/Whistler region and for use within the VANOC non-venue wayfinding program. 

Throughout this process, IBI Group was responsible for leading a team of designers and contractors in the design, fabrication, and placement of urban domain (non-venue) signs in Vancouver, Richmond, Pemberton, Whistler and all points in-between.

Gary Andrishak

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC
In support of city shaping, transit plazas are the Italian piazzas of the 21st century.

Gary Andrishak boasts a multidisciplinary portfolio of significant work to his credit, during his more than 35 years in the planning and design community. He is equally at home in the co-joined disciplines of land use planning and transit planning, from the standpoint of producing urban master plans concentrating on Transit Oriented Development. Gary is skilled at developing branding, marketing, and communications strategies for public transit systems, with an aim to increase transit ridership and reduce automobile use. He is also expert in the development of public outreach communications plans to ensure the public is well-informed and able to participate in the planning process.