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Blackpool Gateway Academy School

This two-storey, brownfield primary school provides educators with thoughtfully fit-for-purpose learning environments, with capacity for 420 pupils (ages 5- 11), and 26 nursery children. 

Eric Wright Construction Limited
Blackpool, UK
Very Good BREEAM
2013 Completed

Prominently located near the Blackpool Football Club on a restored brownfield site, this two-storey primary school is making powerful contributions to the local learning environment and providing new choices for parents in the nearby city centre. 

The school’s structural form comprises a two-storey building in an elliptical plan with a single plane roof sloping towards the adjacent housing to minimize visual intrusion. Two entrances are located at either end of the narrowest part of the ellipse, with a main entrance to the north and access to community facilities and outside playing fields to the south — both emphasized by an overhanging roof that provides shelter and security. 

The interior is designed around a brightly lit atrium with glazed screens and strategically placed roof lights. This central hub assists pupils with wayfinding and gives teachers flexible, partitioned space to expand learning and leisure activities as desired. The main hall can also open up into the central space, promoting wider community access and allowing faculty members to respond to changing needs and numbers within the school.

Classrooms were paired and thoughtfully designed to facilitate various teaching and learning styles, supported through technology-based project areas located near the main atrium. A number of breakout spaces allow for smaller group learning, and first floor classrooms offer similar areas at the balcony level. The scheme also maximizes opportunities for outdoor play with a mini soccer pitch, habitat area and an outdoor classroom.

Blackpool Gateway Academy School exterior

A new generation of minds is reshaping the way we approach education at all levels of learning.

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