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Capital One

IBI Group completed the interior design of Capital One’s new Canadian head office, located in the heart of Toronto’s financial district. Challenged to develop a design concept that would support the fintech firm’s collaborative culture, (including a desire for the untethered use of technology) as well as attract top, young tech talent, IBI’s unique ideas for each of the office’s floors delivered the winning “In-spiration” for the progressive client.

Capital One
Toronto, ON
5 Floors
2018 Completed

Located in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, IBI Group completed the interior design of Capital One’s new Canadian headquarters. The design concept was born from a challenge the design team faced with the existing office building, using underutilized space as the focal point of the design.

With a series of underutilized service spaces in the middle of each floor, visibility and access throughout the office was being impeded. Inspired by the NYC (and future Toronto) High Line, the design team turned this challenge into the solution by giving these central corridors new life and transforming them into five unique destination spaces, creating a vital connected link between the east and west sides of the office. Bringing back the public realm into these spaces helped fulfill a number of design goals, from creating a dynamic wayfinding motif throughout the space, to allowing for the adoption of multi-functional “scrum” areas throughout the office – fostering collaboration and the flexible use of space.

 Representing introspective and inspiring spaces that encourage creativity and contemplative thought, the five unique corridor design concepts are tied together through names that nod to the word “In” (In-stinct, In-line, In-time, In-focus and In-sight). With the corridors serving as impromptu collision and gathering spaces, more formalized collaboration hubs were created on each floor to accommodate Capital One’s need for flexibility of work space. Each hub is designed in a unique colour scheme and features a custom steel-top table with built-in storage and technology. Additionally, amenity hubs on each floor include a technology lounge, café and banquette seating areas that unfold in a dynamic sequence of connected, geometric cubes.

 When visitors and staff step off the elevator at reception, their sensory experience includes leather paneling with steel frames and mirrored black ceilings. A stacked plywood wall anchors in the lobby area, featuring a giant CNC-cut Capital One logo and a floating bench for waiting guests. Adding to the lobby’s dramatic features, black glass walls allow the logo to be reflected back to visitors, amplifying the brand’s presence throughout the space.  

Elevator area inside Capital One Headquarters
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