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Carnival Cruise Terminal

IBI Group provided architecture and interior design services for the retrofit of Carnival’s Long Beach Cruise Terminal. A domed structure, originally home to Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose seaplane, the design needed to accommodate one of the largest ships in Carnival’s fleet while respecting the existing architectural expression of the dome.

Carnival Cruise Lines
Long Beach, CA
54,000 sq ft Dome Interior
39,000 sq ft Exterior Plaza
2009 Completed

Carnival’s Long Beach Cruise Terminal was in need of a retrofit to accommodate the Carnival Splendor – at the time, the largest cruise ship in Carnival’s fleet with an additional 1,000 passengers compared to the next largest ship. A domed structure, originally constructed to house and display the Spruce Goose seaplane built by Howard Hughes, IBI Group was commissioned by Carnival to enhance the passenger experience and provide the highest economic return while respecting the existing architectural expression of the dome.

IBI Group’s design considered the marine environment, including prevailing winds, sun angles and sea air. Minimizing maintenance by using durable and long-lasting materials and finishes was also a key consideration. These goals were fulfilled while the facility remained fully operational during construction.

IBI also designed a series of canopies for the Exterior Plaza which respond to the goals above while also providing for a lively, comfortable space with seating, landscaping, protection from the elements, and an enhanced view of the water and ships.

Plants, transparent glass and grass surrounding Carnival Cruise terminal

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