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CN Tower Plaza

IBI Group, working with Graham Infrastructure, won the design competition for the re-design of the public realm at the base of Toronto’s CN Tower, the CLC Front Street access  revitalization and the public space connecting the Entertainment District BIA south to Bremner Boulevard.

Graham Infrastructure Ltd.
Toronto, ON
9,915 sq m CN Tower Plaza
2,110 sq m Front Street Access
2013 Completed

The CN Tower Plaza and CLC Front Street Access redesign successfully addresses the deficiencies of the previous aging design, and provides the public space surrounding some of Toronto’s most recognizable landmarks with a fresh, new, pedestrian-oriented focus that has been a catalyst for future landscape projects within the city.

The open plaza scheme not only allows for maximum pedestrian peak flow rates to accommodate large visitor groups throughout the CN Tower’s business hours, but also provides a high-quality public realm for neighbouring communities. The connected spaces now provide a clean, inclusive and universally-accessible corridor which is defined by creative wayfinding elements including gateway features, colourful structures and directional paving.

The CN Tower Plaza and CLC Front Street Access project is one of the most successful landscape revitalization and redevelopment projects in southern Ontario, providing a premiere destination within Toronto’s downtown core. The project enhances the adjacent uses and vital access points while creating key meeting and gathering spaces at the intersection of two vibrant, core streets.

CN tower plaza concrete detail
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