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Computer Modelling Group

Combining all of their locations into one facility, our interior designers helped Computer Modelling Group realize a unique vision central to their brand, by integrating structured geological formations and stratigraphic layers into their new corporate headquarters.

CMG Ltd.
Calgary, AB
105,000 sq ft Size
4 Storeys
2017 Completed

A successful Canadian technology start-up, Computer Modelling Group (CMG), delivers 3D simulation software to identify underground natural resources for the oil & gas industry. CMG enlisted IBI’s designers to evoke the company’s connection to the earth’s core by bringing multilayered materials to the surface of their new four-storey office space.

Located on the University of Calgary campus, the office design prioritizes function, comfort and aesthetic for employees and clients alike. The space makes room for quiet, individual concentration, while allowing for ease of movement throughout the building. By maximizing transparency, IBI was able to achieve the infusion of natural light through to the interior, and by reducing office sizes while increasing corridor widths, our designers were able to create a gracious, open experience.

Visual references to geographic formations can be found throughout the facility. Visitors are welcomed into a gracious reception, framed by an elevator bank clad in full-slab natural black marble – strong with striations of rust on one side, and an executive boardroom with a laser-etched depiction of a mountain landscape on the other.

The second and third floors have an area directed to the staff lounge, with space for collaboration, socialization and direct access to technology. The fourth floor was designed as a client space, and used as an area for educational training as well as hosting smaller events. It reflects a formal, yet comfortable experience.

Jane Juranek

Associate - Manager, Interior Design
Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

Jane is an enthusiastic, self-starter with a passion for design. She recognizes the expectations of a client and the quality of service that is expected by providing solutions in a timely manner. She has strong organizational skills that provide the ability to manage multiple tasks and maintain tight deadlines.

Barry Nathan

Associate Director | Practice Lead, Interior Design
Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON
Great design nourishes the soul!

Barry Nathan has over 30 years of experience in both architectural and interior design, which has given him an enviable understanding of two areas of practice. His work is comprised of both large scale commercial clients and complex public spaces, including higher education and high-rise residential projects. Alternative design approaches have allowed Barry to provide very unique and creative solutions for progressive thinking clients. His adeptness at problem solving via innovative solutions has helped many clients succeed in their goals. He is always challenging the status quo with an alternative view. Some of Barry’s past awards include the Design Exchange and ARIDO Awards for Pearson Airport, Denton’s Toronto and the Bell Wireless Centre in Mississauga. He is in the process of finalizing his Architectural License with the OAA and has memberships with the TSA and ASID.

Jonathan Steel

Associate Director | Office Lead, Portland
Portland, OR

Portland, OR

Jonathan Steel serves as the Operations Director for our Portland office. Jonathan is an educational architect with over 15 years of experience in the design and construction of major K-12 and higher education facilities. He has worked with our global education team for over ten years. Jonathan has designed buildings for some of the most prestigious educational institutions globally, including three projects for Oxford University. He brings strong experience in business and personnel management to our Portland team, having built successful practices on both sides of the Atlantic during his career. He is the current President of the Alberta Chapter of A4LE and has presented at conferences for the past several years.