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Guadalajara-Colima Toll System

Opened in the summer of 2014, IBI Group supplied and installed a state-of-the-art Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system designed for the Guadalajara-Colima Highway. 

Banobras (Owner) & Aldesa/Marhnos (Operator)
Guadalajara, Mexico
2014 Completed
10 year Contract
46 Lanes

Mexico has one of the world’s largest and busiest road networks, greatly funded by toll revenues, and in dire need of infrastructural and technological upgrades. Banobras, the concessionaire of the Guadalajara-Colima Highway, commissioned IBI Group to develop a modernized ETC system that would provide operational best practices, efficient collection, and roadway monitoring for years to come. 

The new system includes a centralized administration centre and customer service system connected to three mainline toll plazas and three ramp plazas, with a total of 46 lanes. 40 of these provide cash, credit, and ETC payment process; 12 are reversible, and the remaining six operate as dedicated ETC lanes. 

The flexible design allows for growth without inconveniencing the high penetration of manually paying drivers; attended lanes are still required as it is estimated that less than 25% of current drivers are transponder users. But as more drivers use the automated system, the system will allow the Guadalajara-Colima Toll System to accommodate more users at scale while maintaining a consistent cost footprint.

A state-of-the-art system designed for long-term operation, and a first of its kind in Mexico, IBI Group is responsible for toll system maintenance and is the ETC customer service operator. The maintenance and ETC customer service operation initiated in 2014 under a 10-year contract. 

Guadalajara toll lanes and booths

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“The new system supplies new technology and operational best practices that will ensure effective and efficient toll collection. Our solution introduces cutting-edge technology for the first time in Mexico, providing the client with a sound, efficient system and equipment for the long-term operation of the highway.”

Rahul Mehra
Project Manager
IBI Group

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