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Lord Kitchener Elementary School

Photo by Michael Sherman

As part of a provincially-funded seismic upgrade and ‘Neighbourhood of Learning’ programs, IBI Group was brought onboard to modernize and redesign an originally free-standing, 1914 Heritage A-listed, wood frame school building fully integrated into a state-of-the-art replacement school.

Vancouver School Board (School District No. 39)
Vancouver, BC
2013 Completed

As architects for the renewal and replacement school at Lord Kitchener Elementary, IBI was enlisted to relocate, renovate, and provide a seismic upgrade and complete integration for the new, state-of-the-art facility. The educational facility incorporates expanded kindergarten classrooms; a new, early learning curriculum; and substantial community-use facilities as part of the new provincially-funded ‘Neighborhood of Learning’ program.

Site planning constraints included the functional retention of the existing main school building until the new facility was ready, relocation of existing community playground facilities, and respect for the site’s mature landscape. From inception through phased construction of the new building, IBI Group negotiated on the municipal approvals for a relocation concept of the heritage designated 1914 structure, and seamless integration of this wood frame heritage building into the new structure.

Lord Kitchener’s new design seeks to promote group teaching and independent learning modalities through the linking of indoor and outdoor educational and social opportunities. The layout of the school enhances the educational experience by breaking down the traditional classroom model, identifying social and project educational spaces throughout the plan, and by clustering educational spaces into smaller learning communities with shared commons.

Photo by Michael Sherman

A new generation of minds is reshaping the way we approach education at all levels of learning. The renewal and replacement of Lord Kitchener Elementary includes the full integration of a 1914 heritage building.

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Anita Leonoff

Director | Office Lead, Vancouver
Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

Anita Leonoff joined IBI Group shortly after graduating from UBC’s Architecture School and learned quickly. In the mid 1980s, Anita began the renovation work on the Hotel Vancouver, one of her longest running projects and one she continues to work on to this day. In the 1990s, Anita took on the local work for Holt Renfrew which at the time was renovation work. This later turned into a new store for Vancouver, followed by Calgary, and a number in Ontario and Quebec, which is a testament to her work. Anita’s areas of specialty include institutional and hospitality facilities design, retail and office tenant fit-ups, heritage renovations, and the management of the approvals and public consultation processes.