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Monrovia Station Square Transit Village

The City of Monrovia, CA hired IBI Group to prepare a comprehensive station area design and civil infrastructure improvement plan to link their new light rail station with their main street and central business district.  The work included an urban design and public improvement plan for a transit plaza, multipurpose depot promenade and neighborhood park surrounding the Monrovia Light Rail Station along the expansion of the Metro Gold Line light rail corridor in San Gabriel Valley, California.

City of Monrovia
Monrovia, CA
3 acres Area
2 miles Streetscape
Ongoing Status

Located 20 miles northeast of Los Angeles with a population of 36,000, the City of Monrovia has been transforming an 80-acre area into a new city gateway – the Monrovia Station Square Transit Village. Through City and stakeholder collaboration, the IBI design team identified an optimal plan for public realm improvements and amenities for Station Square that balanced the preservation of the warm hometown appeal of Monrovia and access to community to enhance its vibrancy and economic vitality. The project includes more than two miles of streetscape, gateways and highway improvements, as well as the design of a major public open space that embraces local culture and provides a stage for civic life and activity.

Dubbed the ‘Gold Town’, improvements are based around the city’s new Gold Line Light Rail Station, which has become the largest public works project in the city’s history.

The IBI design team created a unique and context-sensitive design for the Station Square area through the revitalization of the historic Santa Fe Depot and integration of the area’s cultural history and natural setting. The team designed on-site and off-site wayfinding and interpretive signage featuring gateway monument signs at freeway off-ramps, destination and directional signs, as well as highlighting significant features such as the historic train depot and environmental elements of native plantings and bio-swales.

The project will not only provide new public improvements, but will create an attractive space to become the heart of the neighborhood, icon for the community and catalyst for economic development.

Sign at Monrovia station square providing directions to buses, gold line, parking and old town
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