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One Pacific – Concord Pacific Place

Located at the end of the Cambie Street bridge, One Pacific is seen as a ‘gateway’ project to the urban core of Vancouver. This area is considered an emerging sports/entertainment district and the site is positioned to serve the active community within the city core.

Concord Pacific Group Inc.
Vancouver, BC
350,000 sq ft Size
18 Storeys
434 Units

One Pacific is a unique project in the pantheon of Vancouver mixed-use development. The form of the development is the result of several trending and municipal factors, which have converged on this particular site.

The site was constrained by the municipally-regulated view corridors, resulting in a 18 storey, 350,000 sq ft, U-shaped building consisting of 434 units, which terrace gently as the view cone rises over the site. The bottom two floors are comprised of commercial and retail space, with the upper floors exclusively residential except for an amenity floor opening to the central courtyard at level three.

All roofs are landscaped and include a children’s play area, passive recreation, and an ‘urban resort’ in the midst of the city, complete with pools and cabanas. The unique architectural concept of wavering, exposed concrete slab edges gives the impression that the building has been eroded by wind and water, and as the ‘sister’ project across the street is developed, the matching convex shapes will create a ‘Venturi’ effect that will complete the gateway concept.

Architecture, Planning & Urban Design, Environmental Assessment; Contract admin;  mixed use; residential; commercial; retail

Exterior of One Pacific – Concord Pacific Place
Photo by Derek Lepper
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