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Ottawa Confederation Line LRT

IBI Group has been working on the largest infrastructure project in Ottawa’s history, the Ottawa LRT Confederation Line. As the lead architect for the underground portion of the project, we have designed three, iconic underground transit stations located beneath the downtown core of the city, offering world-class transit architecture with the highest quality standard of design.

Rideau Transit Group
Ottawa, ON
12.5 km Length
2019 Completed

The City of Ottawa has long played a pivotal role in the history of Canada and, as such, maintains an overarching image of Canadian heritage today. The ultimate vision for the Confederation Line project, therefore, is the achievement of a contemporary design aesthetic that is also reflective of Ottawa’s rich cultural heritage.

The Confederation Line project is a conversion of the existing Bus Transitway to Light Rail Transit technology, and will run a total of 12.5km, with a 2.5km underground segment beneath the city center. With 13 stations, the line extends from Tunney’s Pasture in the West, through downtown Ottawa, to the location of the existing Blair BRT station in the East.

The design approach of the Confederation Line system focuses on obtaining a generous degree of transparency to allow for views into, out of and through each station building. Combining a spacious and elegant design with convenient passenger flow systems, stations are comfortable, intuitive, safe and accessible.  

Each station also offers passengers a consistent quality of experience through the system-wide use of wood, signage, bike racks and entrance design, complimented by uplifting artwork. Through coordination with world-class artists, including Douglas Coupland,Geoff McFetridge and Genevieve Cadieux, IBI Group solidifies a unique identity for each underground station.

The Confederation Line project will provide the best-proven safety, accessibility systems and technologies in the world.

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