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Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability

Providing highly-specialized care for patients with profound brain injuries, the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability commissioned IBI Group to redesign Wolfson Ward’s existing two-storey building to improve the environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability
London, UK
2 Storeys
2013 Completed

Prior to redesign, Wolfson Ward was a very dark and insular environment within the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN). IBI Group’s architects and designers helped transform the space into an enriching environment for patients and staff by improving circulation between personal and shared areas.

Primarily treating people affected by Huntington’s disease, the staff at RHN provide daily living and mobility assistance to their patients. The facility’s revised layout provides better access for patients, staff and visitors, improving observation with a new entrance and reception area.

Our designers implemented a concept that blurs the boundaries of inside and outside, as well as the change of seasons, helping patients and visitors make connections with the past and the present and feel a greater sense of belonging. The concept alleviates the clinical surroundings by creating a homelier atmosphere which aims to de-stress and promote wellbeing. Its updated interiors pay special attention to care with new finishes, lighting and enhanced therapy spaces.

We’re finding new ways to put patients first, and transforming the way we think about aging in place. Wolfson Ward provides a highly-specialized care environment for patients with profound brain injuries.

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"We involved IBI Group in our initial work shop and we can see how it influenced their designs. But it’s not just the architecture – that level of detail is evident everywhere. IBI truly understood the importance of bringing light, colour and texture to our ward."

Geoff Day
Head of Estates
Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability, Wolfson Ward

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