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St. Albert Municipal Area Network Plan

Working in close collaboration with the City of St. Albert and its key stakeholders, IBI Group led the development of this municipal strategy to optimize information communication technology and transportation systems in support of their Smart City Master Plan.  

The City of St. Albert
St. Albert, AB
2016 Completed

The City of St. Albert engaged IBI Group to lead the collaborative development of a new Municipal Area Network Plan that would support city-wide objectives and inform St. Albert’s Smart City Master Plan. As part of this work, we evaluated the city’s current state of commercial network services and provided guidance on network architecture and ownership options, as well as insights gleaned from best-in-class case studies taken from other regions. 

Working with the City’s department leaders, our planning revealed the need for city-wide connectivity to effectively support a number of critical urban elements, including Information Technology, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Utility Data Collection (Smart Metering), and Environmental Monitoring and Security. 

IBI Group was also responsible for key phases of project development including:

  • Stakeholder consultation and needs assessment
  • Bandwidth testing and telecommunications network planning
  • Development of business alternatives for municipal telecommunications ownership and operations

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