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St. Paul’s Hospital at Station Street Master Plan & Rezoning

With a proven track record of revitalizing brownfield sites, IBI’s rezoning and master plan for the new St. Paul’s Hospital at Station Street integrates a state-of-the-art hospital and research facility with hospitality and commercial uses, and makes room for future expansion.

Providence Health Care
Vancouver, BC
Ongoing Completion

The new St. Paul’s Hospital redevelopment required a parcel of land that could adequately accommodate its new buildings, and best serve the needs of patients from across the province. For this reason, the 18.4-acre Station Street site in the heart of Vancouver was identified as the ideal location. IBI Group’s masterplan for the new site accommodates the movement of the hospital 3km east to a centralized location on a brownfield site on False Creek Flats – further inland and connected to the wider surrounding community.

The development includes a new Integrated Health Campus with a state-of-the-art hospital, research facilities, commercial and hotel support services, and room for future expansion. The rezoning addresses key urban design elements including mobility to and through the site, open spaces, connections, building height, massing, and other elements to ensure the development is a model for health service delivery, while integrating with surrounding land uses.

With a site-wide zoning due for completion in 2020 and construction starting shortly thereafter, the new St. Paul’s Hospital will integrate its programs and services, transform the future of healthcare for British Columbians, and continue to lead innovations in care, research and teaching. On a site the size of 15 football fields, this is one of the largest undeveloped sites in Vancouver, in a convenient and accessible location behind Pacific Central Station and several key transportation arteries.

We’re finding new ways to put patients first, and transforming the way we think about aging in place. As the largest hospital in downtown Vancouver, St. Paul’s Redevelopment will serve the city’s 700,000 residents and pave the way for a new model of care on the west coast.

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Stuart Jones

Director, Landscape Architect
Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

Stuart Jones is head of the Vancouver-based urban design practice. Trained in landscape architecture, his professional experience spans over 20 years and includes work on both the development and the planning sides of the business. His projects have ranged from downtown infill sites to large master planned communities in locations across North America, Asia, Scandinavia, and the Middle East. He is skilled at creating a compelling story and sense of place for projects, which he communicates through drawings, standards, guidelines, and zoning. He has a strong understanding of the key issues affecting development including building types, street design, transit, servicing and the public realm, and he is an effective manager of the specialists in these fields.

David Thom

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

David Thom is President of IBI Group Inc. and IBI Group, responsible for providing executive leadership with a particular focus on managing and leading the firm’s multidisciplinary teams of professionals. He specializes in the planning and design of complex projects that integrate planning, architecture and transportation. He has had senior responsibility for many major urban development projects across Canada, in the United States and internationally, including public / private partnerships and private finance initiatives.

Mr. Thom joined the firm in 1975 after receiving his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Toronto. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC).

Tony Gill

Global Director, P3 Buildings
Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

Tony Gill is Global Director, P3 Buildings. He is an architect and member of the Architectural Institute of BC, the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, National Council of Architectural Registration Board, and the American Institute of Architects. He has extensive experience in the design and management of specialized institutional, high-tech facilities, protective services, and healthcare facilities. His focus has been on designing facilities with complex functional and building system requirements; in particular, he specializes in healthcare master planning, programming, medical planning, and strategic planning. He has managed facilities procured as design-bid-build, design-build, and design-bid-maintain-finance-operate (Public-Private Partnerships).

Tony has a Master of Science degree in architecture and urban design from Columbia University.