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Tsuut’ina Development Authority

Arcadis IBI Group is partnering with Tsuut’ina Nation as their engineering consultant on the development of the Tsuut’ina Development Authority for the 1,200-acre Taza Development interfacing with Tsuut’ina Trail in Calgary, Alberta. As one of the largest First Nations development projects in North America, the project requires the development of laws, regulations, policies and guidelines, as well as the creation and approval of permits for all commercial and institutional developments.

Tsuut’ina Nation
Tsuut’ina Nation, AB

1,200 Acres
Ongoing Status

In partnership with Tsuut’ina Nation, Arcadis IBI Group is developing the Tsuut’ina Development Authority, a municipal framework for the designated lands of the Taza Development within Tsuut’ina Nation. The Taza development plans consist of three development villages spanning 1,200 acres, with a focus on reflecting Tsuut’ina culture and bringing a mix of retail and essential services to the area, including office, residential, entertainment venues, hospitality establishments, and innovation and wellness centres.

Our work will consist of developing the required laws, regulations, policies and guidelines required for the Taza Development to function as a sustainable and sovereign municipality governed by Tsuut’ina Nation. Some of these guidelines and policies include the development permit application and approvals process, infrastructure design standards and specifications, and numerous legislative documents that have been approved and ratified by Tsuut’ina Nation Chief and Council. The required laws include zoning, public health, waste management and community standards law, among many others.

As part of the Tsuut’ina Development Authority, Arcadis IBI is also reviewing and approving all Development Permit and Public Infrastructure Permit Applications for the Taza Development. There are currently more than 20 applications for permits, with Costco being the first fully approved development that is currently in operation. Other ongoing development permit applications include a Metro Ford Dealership, a Big Four Dealership, a large-scale shopping centre, and numerous public infrastructure permit applications for major roads, deep utilities, and water/wastewater treatment facilities.

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