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vivaNext York Region Rapid Transit

IBI Group is part of a design consortium working in partnership with Metrolinx, Infrastructure Ontario, York Region Rapid Transit Corporation, Regional Municipality of York and other stakeholders to design and build vivaNext  — a bus rapid transit (BRT) system to serve the future of the region and alleviate congestion in the Greater Toronto Area. 

York Region Rapid Transit Corporation
York Region, ON

Located just north of Toronto, York Region is one of the fastest growing jurisdictions in North America with over 1.1 million residents and a steep growth rate. Official plans for the region acted as a precursor to Metrolinx’s The Big Move and included a rapid transit system in three corridors with a distance of over 70 km. Designed to evolve with urban intensification, IBI Group was instrumental in defining the technology required and method of operation.

As an early member of the consortium, IBI Group was responsible for conceptualizing the required strategy and is now designing and implementing bus rapid transit in these corridors. 

vivaNext’s unique design delivers a subway-like experience with a special focus on the passenger experience – making them feel like they’re getting from point A-to-B with as few obstructions as possible.

Both client and consortium staff collaborated to facilitate teamwork and accelerate the process, and the multi-phase development expanded in scope over the years. Beginning with network development, planning, and environmental assessments, the vivaNext BRT Transit System now operates in reserved lanes on arterial roads. IBI Group has since become manager of the design effort for four groups of design-build projects. 

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