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West Campus University District

IBI Group is leading landscape architecture and urban design for this 100+ hectare open space master plan located immediately west of the University of Calgary campus.

West Campus Development Trust
Calgary, AB

After the University of Calgary determined that the adjacent land in question would not be required for future academic facilities, the area was selected to house a new, landmark, mixed-use community that will enhance the University’s operations and attract key faculty, researchers and students.

The West Campus Development Trust approached IBI Group and others in a competition to develop a design for their presentation centre for the new community of The University District in Calgary. We were successful in the competition with the design of the 5,600 sq. ft. facility, with a goal to represent the quality of design, sustainability and urban fabric to be developed in the area. IBI Group provided services for Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape and Survey.

The West Campus Development Trust is committed to developing a complete community that integrates and enhances the University experience while harmonizing with the surrounding communities. When completed, West Campus will be a vibrant, mixed-use development with a strong sense of place. It will be built around a quality residential community that is distinctive and designed to be socially, environmentally and financially sustainable.

As Landscape Architects and Urban Designers for the open space and master plan, the design team collaborated with other consultants and included stakeholder engagement in the master plan update. Our highly collaborative planning process established a transparent approach, allowing a truly community-built master plan that puts Calgarians first. The IBI team is currently working on the urban park and streetscape design and implementation in the community development.

Keith Sallaway

Director, Architect
Calgary, AB

Calgary, AB
Open mindedness, communication, and collaboration are key pillars in the design, management, and success of a project.

Keith Sallaway leads the architectural practice in the Calgary office, including all areas of southern Alberta, western British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. His creative ability to design and his leadership capabilities result in well-managed projects that meet or exceed client expectations.

Elvin Karpovich

Director, Planning and Landscape Architecture
Calgary, AB

Calgary, AB

Elvin Karpovich leads the IBI Group landscape design practice in Calgary, and oversees the administration of architectural design guidelines for approximately 18 communities across Calgary. He has assembled a diverse list of projects over his 20 years of experience, including land use planning, land design, urban design, urban landscape architectural design, and land development policies, guidelines, and standards. His project experience includes working with the federal, provincial, and municipal governments, the land development industry, and private corporations.