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Yale University School of Management

In association with Foster + Partners, IBI Group acted as Architect of Record on the design of a major, new, modern campus for the Yale School of Management.

Yale University
New Haven, CT
2014 Completed
230,000 sq ft Area

Founded in the late 70’s, Yale University’s School of Management (SOM) originally occupied a small campus composed of four existing buildings and an addition. Their program experienced strong growth over the past few decades and the school had to split its faculty across the north end of the university as a result. The new campus consolidated the SOM into a single 230,000 sq. ft. campus near the site of the original complex.

The facility’s main components, classrooms, offices, common spaces and auditorium are grouped around a central court, large enough to accommodate graduation ceremonies and other major events, in the tradition of Yale University campus architecture. The ground floor is devoted to common facilities, auditorium and publicly-oriented offices. Two double-height floors accommodate tiered and flat-floored classrooms, which lend themselves to horseshoe and other flexible layouts, reflecting the various innovative teaching methods in the SOM curriculum.

A new generation of minds is reshaping the way we approach education at all levels of learning. Yale University’s SOM can now embrace further growth and learning innovations with a flexible space.

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