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Geomatics / Land Surveying

Our geomatics capabilities range from traditional field surveys to court appearances as expert witnesses, and the subdivision of land for title creation.

Often referred to simply as “Surveying”, our technology-driven geometrics practice locates and plots topographic points to create precise boundaries for deeds and land titles. This helps developers locate infrastructure for servicing properties and position their buildings relative to boundaries.

A typical project begins with field surveys for data collection, which in turn facilitates the design process for planning, engineering, and architectural projects. Once a design is prepared, we create various plans – such as condominium, strata or subdivisions – to register individual titles.

Technology-driven surveying

Digital advances are helping us capture more accurate data and produce stronger plans. We use Real-Time Global Positioning systems and Robotic Total Stations, along with electronic field books for data capture and layout to give clients exact and reliable data with faster turnaround times.

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