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We’re always searching for new opportunities to learn, share, and connect. Here’s where IBI Group will be next.

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Past Events

The 6th National Bus Rapid Transit Conference brings together experts from agencies, the private sector and academia to explore the latest issues and trends in both research and practice related to the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of BRT systems and networks in the world.

Associate Director Don Murphy will be presenting on “Reviewing Active Headway Management of SWIFT BRT Operations” as part of the Operational Challenges of BRT breakout session. Additionally, Associate Manager, Intelligent Systems Ryan Gulick will be participating in the breakout session Development of BRT, where he will discuss “Station Design & Systems for BRT Stations – Santa Clara Alum Rock BRT”.

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Education Buildings Wales

Cardiff, UK

June 18-19, 2018

IBI Group is proud to be sponsors and advisory board members of Education Buildings Wales, a popular event that focuses on the funding, design, build, management and maintenance of schools, colleges and universities across Wales.

Join Studio Associate Director, Carys Fisher as she discusses how IBI can 'Improve Mental Health & Wellbeing through Considerate School Design.' Alongside Carys, Architect and Studio Director, Richard Golledge will be presenting the seminar 'Do our Buildings Perform Well? The Shape of Modern Science', which will look at IBI's international ‘4Labs4Cities’ post occupancy study and the latest trends and issues identified by building users.

Delegates of the event can also enjoy an intimate drinks reception and tour of one of IBI’s most awarded buildings in Wales, Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC). The IBI Learning+ team will share with delegates our future plans to embark on a Fitwel analysis of CUBRIC in May 2018 to optimize the building’s design and operations.

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BIM continues to mature in a building life-cycle context. The data collected at the front end of projects is extremely valuable to the construction of those facilities, but perhaps more importantly to the operations and maintenance. There is a wealth of information and associated tools available that we collectively need to take full advantage of. Global Director of Design Technology, Brent Mauti will be joining the conversation as he shares his perspective on the use of BIM in Facility Management as part of the BIM for FM Panel at this year’s symposium.

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European Healthcare Design 2018

London, UK

June 11-13, 2018

The European Healthcare Design Congress and Exhibition is adopting the provocative theme of 'Utopia or dystopia? Visioning the future of health.’ Showcasing an outstanding line-up of keynote speakers, the conference streams will cover AI and digital technology, innovative finance, aging populations, arts, culture and wellness.

Join Architect and Studio Principal, Justin Harris, as he focuses on the future of integrated healthcare hubs, their impact on the new healthcare economy and how this collaborative approach can deliver the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

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RED Talks: Demography Collision

Vancouver, BC

May 31, 2018

Populations will continue to shift, cultures will come together and urban centres will continue to become more dense. In these ever-expanding global hubs, values and viewpoints ranging from Millennials and Boomers to International Cultures and Home-grown Traditionalists collide in a very visible manner. IBI Group is proud to sponsor this year's event, where attendees will explore how to make cities more affordable and livable for all, how to balance industry and culture, and how past learnings and future technology combine.

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UDI Pacific Golf Tournament

Vancouver, BC

May 30, 2018

IBI Group is proud to be sponsoring a hole at this year’s Urban Development Institute (UDI) Pacific Golf Tournament. Join Architects Vivian Tong and Bruce Beaudry for a chipping contest at the IBI tent to help raise money for Covenant House.

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