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Space Management

Grow your business without growing your space.

Missed opportunities to save on space can add up, yet many organizations struggle to maintain up-to-date occupancy information, often finding it difficult to maintain records of who is sitting where or how many desks are occupied at a given time. Without this information, they fail to identify underutilized sites, benchmark occupancy and costs, and right-size where possible. As a result, organizations are more likely to simply lease more space when managers struggle to find seats for new employees, even though much of their existing space is poorly utilized.


InForm by IBI Group’s space management module gives users the data they need to make informed decisions around the usage of space. Features include the ability to easily maintain up-to-date floorplans, analyze space costs and occupancy rates across sites, and run chargeback reports.


  • Maintain up-to-date floorplans, easily assigning employees to desk spaces using interactive drawings
  • Forecast future space needs based on current utilization
  • View real-time occupancy for a single floor, building or region through InForm’s interactive dashboard
  • Simplify space planning with InForm’s stacking diagram
  • Benchmark metrics like square feet per workspace and cost per workspace

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