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IBI Group is a publicly-traded global company and as such we are required to post specific policies and disclosures. The disclosures are intended to provide consumers the ability to make better, more informed choices about the products and services they buy and the companies they support.

IBI Group Inc. trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange and provides the material information below in compliance with the timely disclosure policy.

At IBI Group, diversity is a core defining feature of our identity, our legacy, and our future. That’s why we’re committed to creating an equitable, inclusive, and accessible work environment for everyone. IBI Group prides itself on being an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO) and in compliance with Title VI Civil Rights Act of 1964.

IBI Group can provide any public information disclosed on the website in an accessible format on request from a member of the public.

Read our multi-year accessibility plan

Legislators around the world increasingly require certain businesses to provide disclosure concerning their efforts, if any, to address the issues of slavery and human trafficking.

Read our Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking statement