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Toronto at the centre of ‘smart city’ R&D with launch of new technology hub

CEO, Scott Stewart, talks to CBC about how the Smart City Sandbox is focused on fostering innovative technologies in the area of urban planning.


May 20, 2018

Empowering city staff and residents

The Smart City Platform is designed to benefit both city staff and residents, providing a cost-effective way for cities to manage their operations while giving residents a voice.


March 26, 2018

Architect 2.0: How technology is driving the industry

Global Portfolio Manager for Visualization Services, Matt Clementson, talks to Foundry about how technology is driving the architecture industry in new directions.


January 26, 2018

IBI One of Four Finalists in #DriverlessFutureNYC

Our team was shortlisted from a group of more than 200 participants from 25 countries in a challenge to shape the impact of autonomous transportation in New York City


June 30, 2017

IBI Group Assumes Leadership Role on Smart Cities Council

IBI Group announces it has joined the Smart Cities Council as a North America Lead Partner.


May 9, 2017