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Are Community Land Trusts the Key to Affordable Housing?

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...outset, more affordable, especially in expensive cities, because the cost of the land is removed from the cost of the housing. In the case of the Vancouver model, the City...


IBI recognized with a National Planning Excellence Award

/ 2015 / 05 / 19 / ibi-recognized-with-a-national-planning-excellence-award-from-the-american-planning-association
...Los Angeles called The First Last Mile Strategic Plan and Planning Guidelines. The First Last Mile Strategic Plan was recently honored by the American Planning Association, winning the 2015 National...


The Case for ‘Dispersed’ TODs

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...on its own. Since this did not happen in many cases, phase two focused on planning ‘ideal’ TODs that would be perfect in terms of design, density and use. However,...


A Greener Earth Day (+ Everyday)

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...architects working together on Low Impact Development (LID) at the outset of site planning, which bodes well for better water management and lower maintenance landscapes. Additionally, I see clients and...


Defining the Cities of Tomorrow: Predictions for 2017

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...| disrupt | democratize (to use three of the six Ds of Tech Disruption) will also reach the heart of public policymaking: the urban planning arena. The implementation of specific...

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