What We Do


With more than 1,100 architects on staff, IBI Group is the fourth largest architectural firm in the world. Of those, 180 are LEED Accredited Professionals.

Our portfolio of work spans five continents. IBI Group’s completed building projects include:

  • High-rise residential towers
  • Retail facilities
  • Mixed-use retail/residential buildings
  • Education facilities
  • Hospitals and medical research facilities
  • Hotels, shopping centers, stadiums, resorts, institutional, and municipal facilities
  • Themed attractions
  • Industrial manufacturing facilities and factories
  • Light rail and bus rapid transit stations
  • Single-use structures

IBI Group has over 40 years of experience with numerous repeat clients in the private and public sector including local, regional, and national government agencies. We are committed to environmentally responsible design and have the expertise needed to adhere to, and audit systems for, all appropriate compliance, codes, and requirements wherever we are working.

IBI Group’s architectural offices are global “virtual studios” that use a variety of collaborative technologies including video conferencing, intranet portals, and computer networks, enabling efficient team-wide communication across the globe. This system enables the firm to commit the best staff to each project and to use all resources and available expertise around the clock and around the world.

Click here for a list of registered architects in Canada.

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