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Master Development Plan of the Los Angeles Civic Center

Our master development plan presented a holistic vision for a vibrant mixed-use community uniting municipal, cultural, retail and residential facilities in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, California.

City of Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
3 million+ sq ft Area
2017 Completed

The City of Los Angeles controls a number of fragmented properties and facilities in the broader Civic Center area – some of which house critical municipal functions, while others are under-utilized or nearing the end of usability. Our master plan outlined the area’s potential to become one of LA’s most robust transit-oriented developments, evolving the area from a single-use public facilities district into a vibrant 24/7 mixed-use community. The strategy comprises a six-phase development sequence featuring more than 1.2 million square feet of new civic office space through the development of three new public-owned civic buildings, two private developments on City property, and the creation of new public space on the existing City Hall East parcel.

The Civic Square will be a focal point of this development, providing a contemporary spin on the traditional European square, creating a defining central gathering point for civic employees, residents and visitors alike. Accessibility, connectivity, and City Hall’s iconic architecture informed the planning framework, expressed through a diagonal axis that connects City Hall both visually and physically with surrounding communities. The concept land use plan and urban design guidelines will ensure a vibrant public realm with active ground floor uses and flexibly programmed open spaces.

Los Angeles civic center master plan diagram

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