What We Do


Engineering breathes life into buildings, systems, and equipment; transforming static objects into operable and well-functioning entities that serve and benefit the end user.

At IBI Group we live and breathe design and building, and feel that part of our job is to work “artfully” to bring our engineering projects to successful completion.

Our practice covers the full range of engineering services, from the traditional – civil, industrial, mechanical, structural, municipal, and electrical – through to newer, technology-driven areas such as communications systems, traffic systems, transportation systems, and GPS surveying and mapping. Our engineering services are tightly integrated with the architectural, planning and systems services offered by IBI Group as part of our unique “global intelligence/local knowledge” approach to urban development and transportation.

We build for everyone. Our markets are as diverse as the skills and experience of our engineers, and range from automotive, aerospace, data processing facilities, education, energy and power, healthcare, and public infrastructure, through to manufacturing, residential, research and development labs, transit, and warehouse and distribution centers.


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