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IBI Group Launches TravellQ Traveller Information Software

IBI Group launches TravelIQ today, a cloud-hosted, white-label web and mobile traveller information solution designed for public- and private-sector clients to provide real-time, multimodal trip planning to the public.


May 9, 2019

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– Global design and technology firm develops cloud-hosted web and mobile solution for public and private sector  –

TORONTO, ON (May 9, 2019) – IBI Group (TSX:IBG), a global design and technology firm, launched TravelIQ today, a cloud-hosted, white-label web and mobile traveller information solution designed for public- and private-sector clients to provide real-time, multimodal trip planning to the public. A turnkey, value-driven product for regional transportation authorities as well as private-sector clients, TravelIQ’s customizable interface can be quickly and efficiently configured. It also offers North America-wide data sharing, allowing users to seamlessly travel and plan trips across jurisdictions and countries.

TravelIQ offers clients a critical means of communicating traffic, event and road conditions with their customers and the public. It complements the efforts of transportation authorities to improve public safety by encouraging travellers to avoid problem areas. For private-sector clients, including media and weather agencies, the software can provide location-based services and targeted marketing and advertising opportunities.

“We have a long track record developing traveller information solutions for transportation authorities and the private sector, with our software currently serving one in four Americans and nearly half of the Canadian population,” said Scott Stewart, IBI Group CEO. “Our new, white-label TravelIQ product gives clients an efficient option that can be customized to their specific needs, with the added benefit of North America-wide data sharing; making the solution even more convenient for users. I’m proud to add this product to our growing portfolio of software-as-a-service solutions.”

TravelIQ standard features include responsive and accessible design, as well as personalized traveller preferences, including multimodal origin-to-destination trip planning. Optional features include multilingual capabilities and social media integration. Additional TravelIQ modules which can be configured depending on client needs include:

  • Event Reporting System (ERS) – hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), TravelIQ’s ERS allows clients to report on incidents, planned events and road conditions and share the information with customers across North America;
  • Road Condition Reporting – allows clients to report on winter road and flooding conditions; and
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – an optional communication channel, also quickly and easily configured.

TravelIQ can incorporate real-time data from the platform’s mobile application, as well as Waze, HERE, and regional weather alerts, radar and forecasts. Numerous other data sources, including points of interest, real-time snow plow and maintenance vehicle tracking, road and traffic conditions, and ITS infrastructure, can be configured within the platform.

IBI Group’s traveller information technology has been a significant contributor to the firm’s Intelligence sector portfolio for more than 10 years. It is currently being deployed across the states of Alaska, Wisconsin, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Arizona, Louisiana and Florida. The technology is also being deployed across provinces in Canada and South Africa. The firm’s private sector traveller information clients include major North American media companies.

The launch of TravelIQ by IBI Group is part of the firm’s Strategic Plan, A Smarter Urban Future, released in May 2018, which maps out the firm’s transformation to a technology-driven design firm, future-proofing IBI Group through four, bold, strategic streams. The Plan includes the release of a suite of new software-as-a-service (SaaS) products which support the creation of new revenue streams throughout the lifecycle of the assets the firm designs. Other products in IBI Group’s SaaS portfolio include: Smart City Platform by IBI Group, InForm by IBI Group, and BlueIQ by IBI Group.

For more information on TravelIQ by IBI Group, visit our website, or to speak with an IBI Group professional, please contact Julia Harper at or 647-330-4706.

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