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Food Deserts: A Problem on their own or a Problem of Inequality?

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Are food deserts a problem of geography? Should we better distribute access to fresh food, or would tackling income inequality better solve this problem? According to an article by Richard...


Fresh Food for the Smart City

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levels. Food banks and other efforts to redistribute food have typically struggled to get fresh food into the hands of those in need before it expires. Recognizing this, two computer...


Living Well with Dementia Pt.2

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The following article is Part 2 of our Living with Dementia series. Please click here to read Part 1!...


How 3D Printing is Helping to Save the World

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3D printing is changing the world for the better by revolutionizing equitable design, housing, nanotechnologies, and even food. While the actual printing process is quite simple, the real complexity lies in the endless possibilities of creation.

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