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What is the Future of (Augmented) Reality?

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...technologies are poised to become important city-building tools in the near future. Through Pocket R&D research, IBI Group has been exploring adoption possibilities within our own organization, and valuable applications...


Japanese Architects Explore the Future of Housing

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Bringing together some of Japan’s top architects and leading domestic and international companies, HOUSE VISION 2016 is underway in Tokyo. Made up of 12 housing and public space...


The Future of Community Grocery Stores

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From corner bodegas to big box stores, the future of grocery stores is both challenged and brightened by changing technologies and cities. What is the future of community grocery stores,...


Pivot to a Smart Urban Future

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...turning back. Paving the way with Autonomous Vehicles Within the mobility sector, the anticipation of autonomous vehicles has taken the front seat as we drive into the future. While most...


How Digital Installations Shape the Future of Public Art

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We often talk about the growing role of technology in architecture and modelling, in systems planning and transportation, but it’s also playing a huge role in changing public...

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