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Rethinking Parking

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...originally attracted people. It also became clear that abundant parking contributed to even more car use, or as parking guru Donald Shoup put it, “Minimum parking standards are fertility drugs...


The Future Value of Parking

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...different. ATC’s article focuses on cost, but if the cost of parking drops, how will underused parking lots and structures – the low-hanging fruit of infill development – be used?...


Shifting Gears: Exploring the Future of Parking Garages

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...completed the 84.51˚ Centre in Cincinnati where three mid-building parking floors readily transition into office space. The façade of the building encloses the flat-leveled parking floors and features large exterior...


The Hidden Climate Costs of America’s Free Parking Spaces

https: / / / 2021 / 11 / 05 / the-hidden-climate-costs-of-americas-free-parking-spaces
CurbIQ Product Director, Peter Richards, discusses how using CurbIQ helps reduce congestion and pollution in cities by enabling strategic planning with easily-accessible, digitized information about their curbs....


A Move to Sustainable Transportation for Olympics Host Cities

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The requirements and logistics associated with hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games have evolved significantly over the last decade. There has been a conscious aim to reduce the burden incurred...

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