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“Traffic Engineering” Best Match


The Next Level of Advanced Traffic Management Systems

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the nerve centre of the city. Collectively, these systems form what is known as an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS). Even though ATMS enable efficient traffic management of any city,...


Fixing Traffic Engineering

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During the latter half of the 20th century, traffic engineering was based on the principles of “forgiving design“. Under this approach, streets were widened and curbside features were removed in...


Innovative app delivers traffic and road conditions for Albertans

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EDMONTON – The Alberta Motor Association (AMA), IBI Group, and GreenOwl Mobile today announced a big leap forward in keeping Alberta drivers safe and aware of traffic issues with the...


Our Toll Story: The 20-Year Anniversary of Confederation Bridge

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...unique project where traffic management was more about public confidence that someone was monitoring the bridge than traffic congestion. Emergency phones with fire extinguishers were located across the bridge –...


Connectivity Is Key to a Smart City Foundation

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...more. Intelligent Transportation Systems. Traffic signals, including traffic video monitoring and management systems requiring a robust network infrastructure to support initiatives such as centralized traffic signal coordination and signal pre-emption...


Sensors + Intelligence + Enforcement = Compliance for Variable Speed Limit Signs

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...BC Transportation and Infrastructure) to the Transport Association of Canada IBI has experienced consultants who understand traffic engineering, traveler information services, data warehousing, data visualization, sensor deployment, smart cities, and...


Vision Zero: The First 300 Years

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According to the World Health Organization, road traffic injuries caused an estimated 1.25 million deaths worldwide in the year 2010. That is the equivalent of one person is killed every...


IBI Group system software helps keep British Columbia moving

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...web-based dimension of ATMS5 is a key enabler of the multi-agency vision of the RTMC. Watch video: -30- About IBI Group’s Advanced Traffic Management Software: IBI Group’s Advanced Traffic...
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IBI Group Recognized for Leadership in Urban Mobility

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planning, engineering and technology. For more information, please visit About IBI Group IBI Group (TSX:IBG) is a globally integrated architecture, planning, engineering, and technology firm with over 2,500 professionals...
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