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Our BedPod is a high-quality prefabricated modular care space that can be quickly installed with minimum disturbance to patients, and no loss of beds. 

BedPod provides a complete, comfortable and dignified inpatient environment with all necessary medical support services smartly integrated around the bed. Installation is typically completed in as little as two days — a fraction of the time required for traditional setups — so it can easily make use of under-utilized facility areas on short notice. 

Improving the inpatient environment

BedPod enhances the patient’s environment through a number of ergonomic and user-controlled features, including a curved design that improves acoustics and absorbs surrounding noise. It removes the clutter of equipment that typically surrounds a bed, creating more personal space and room for visitors, and a built-in modesty screens provides patients with self-controlled privacy.  

It also boasts several user-controlled lighting options including low-level night lights and coloured therapeutic lighting to create a sense of patient empowerment and improved sleep, vital for recovery as well as reducing the need for brightly lit wards around the clock.

Designed to function as both a short- and long-term solution, BedPod’s modular build lends itself to a wide range of future additions so caregivers can respond to changing needs. It can be customized for different patient groups such as pediatric wards and birthing suites, where requirements can significantly differ from standard adult acute wards.

Richard Mazuch

Director of Design Research and Innovation
London, UK

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