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Richard Mazuch

Director of Design Research and InnovationLondon, UK
Headshot of Richard Mazuch

Richard Mazuch is an architect and designer who gains great satisfaction from translating holistic ideas into radical but pragmatic solutions. An authority on healthcare, Richard provides profound insight into designing for global trends, patient groups and clinical provision – informing key decisions throughout the architectural process. Richard has worked on healthcare projects in Italy, Hong Kong, Brazil, Oman, UAE, and more recently Australia. He has been elected as a World Architecture Jury member, as well as being a University lecturer/examiner and speaker at the International Conferences.

Richard has strong relations with key health bodies. He has worked extensively with the NHS contributing to Health Building Notes, Health Technical Memorandum, and their ‘therapeutic environment’ website feature entitled “Slight Sensitive Design and Sound Sensitive Design” enabling designs to build evidence-based healthcare environments.

Richard is a founder and champion of IBI TH!NK. An advocate of evidence-based design, Richard creates innovations that positively impact the psychology and physiology of patient groups. Sense Sensitive Design, Emotional Mapping, the Design Prescription and the hPod are a few of the models that Richard has successfully pioneered. This has led to him co-authoring two new NHS guidelines for ‘Evidence-based Design Healthcare Environments’.
Richard is a product designer. In collaboration with manufacturers, he creates interventions, such as the BedPod, to support and improve patient care.

Richard works frequently with the NHS and DOH Expert Working Groups and Reference Groups helping to develop new Healthcare Strategies and Guidelines. More recently he has co-authored three key Paediatric Guideline documents entitled: ‘Hospital Accommodation for children and young peopleHBN 23’, ‘Friendly healthcare environments for children and young people’ and ‘Mental Health faculties for children and young people’.

Richard was also an active member and contributor to the Expert Reference Group responsible for ‘Facilities for Maternity Care’ HBN21. He was a key contributor to ‘The Children’s National Service Framework’ an NHS and Department of Health document with evaluation process and recommendations Richard made early contributions and document reviews of ‘Creating a Better Health Environment’ an Audit Took Kit by The National Childbirth Trust in 2003.
In education, Richard is translating his work in healthcare paediatrics to benefit teachers and students. Working alongside University partners, he is pioneering the development of an ‘optimal learning environment’, improving motivation, behaviour and concentration amongst pupils, especially those with special educational needs.

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