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Service performance data is nuanced and can become complex, but is very powerful if presented well. TRANSIT-dashboards presents your data in TRANSIT-performance so that you can get to actionable insights fast. 

Start with pre-built content and leverage your data right away, with options to tailor your dashboards and visualizations to fit your needs. Combine TRANSIT-performance with TRANSIT-dashboards today and reap the benefits of a production-ready analytics solution for your transit data without the risks that are often associated with a traditional data warehouse and business intelligence implementation.

Developed for transit

The system covers a core of commonly used transit metrics including schedule adherence, assessing the quality of real-time passenger information, travel times, and headway adherence. Content will be expanded and continuously enhanced to meet the latest data visualization best practices.

Data at a glance

Our dashboards provide agency users pertinent information at a glance, and intuitive methods to drill down to increasing levels of granularity. Whether you are looking for a quick daily check in and need an all-encompassing view of your system, a detailed dive into an area of concern, a study of trends over time, or wish to analyze all aspects of a single route, we have you covered. 

Interactive and built for all agency users

Our goal is not simply to build visually-appealing dashboards, but relevant content that matters. Our system presents agency users with visualizations that are highly interactive. Clicking on a route identifier in one visual will highlight the route’s data in relevant visuals in other parts of the page. Users can also filter metrics by all relevant dimensions such as route variation, direction, or stop.  

A flexible solution

You’ve done the hard work. You set performance targets, deliberated on business rules, sifted through data sources and resolved numerous data issues – now let us help you visualize and communicate your findings. TRANSIT-dashboards will maximize your investment in TRANSIT-performance and can be tailored to your agency’s specific needs and audience.

TRANSIT-dashboards was recently used to present findings from an assessment of real-time passenger information and predicted arrival times for AC Transit in Oakland, CA and MDOT MTA in Baltimore, MD.

The system was also implemented for Community Transit in Everett, WA in 2020 in beta testing to analyze schedule adherence and quality of predicted arrival times. 

Our mobility ecosystem

All of our mobility-focused products are designed to work seamlessly together as part of our TRANSIT Data Suite, but are also available as stand-alone solutions. Just like our transportation networks, our smart systems need to connect with one another to offer stronger flexibility in all aspects of urban movement. 

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