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Ensure your customers receive accurate, reliable, and up-to-date schedule information.

Transit customers depend on high-quality general transit feed specification (GTFS) data to plan their trips in their favorite apps. Up-to-date and comprehensive GTFS data is also the basis for high quality, real-time feeds that customers have come to expect. Designed with these challenges in mind, IBI Group’s TRANSIT-data-tools is a robust suite of cloud-hosted tools supporting the creation, maintenance, validation, and deployment of transit data in the GTFS format.  

GTFS feeds in a map-based interface

The system allows users to create new GTFS feeds and edit or modify existing GTFS data in an easy-to-use, map-based user interface. Users can keep track of and switch between any number of versions of the data – making the editor great for quick, iterative scenario planning. 

Validate GTFS data and resolve issues

Perform industry-standard comprehensive validation checks on every GTFS feed that the system consumes. Any errors reported can be easily fixed using our automatically-applied recommended fixes, or by loading the GTFS into the map-based editor. 

Keep transit data up to date

The system checks daily for newly published GTFS versions that you’re watching. Stakeholders will be emailed about updated feeds once they are available, reducing the lag time between feed production and release to the public.

Deploy GTFS to other systems

Multiple GTFS feeds for an entire region can easily be loaded for validation. A regional GTFS feed can then be produced with one click and deployed seamlessly to TRANSIT-routing or other cloud-hosted OpenTripPlanner platforms.

Manage data and deployments

The system sends configurable email and web notifications when a new feed is fetched, an OTP deployment finishes, or a team member publishes a new dataset. Users can also add comments to feeds in order to discuss changes and resolve issues.  

TRANSIT-data-tools is currently used by ten agencies across North America to manage their GTFS data and deployments of TRANSIT-routing:

  • The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) relies on the system to manage the GTFS feeds from all transit agencies within the state for its statewide trip planner.
  • The San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and its partners rely on TRANSIT-data-tools to create, validate, and deploy transit schedule information and real-time service alerts, aggregating data from more than 20 local and regional transit providers throughout the region.
  • The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) uses TRANSIT-data-tools to manage its GTFS data and other inputs that feed its TRANSIT-routing-based trip planner that serves the Philadelphia region. 

Our mobility ecosystem

All of our mobility-focused products are designed to work seamlessly together as part of our TRANSIT Data Suite, but are also available as stand-alone solutions. Just like our transportation networks, our smart systems need to connect with one another to offer stronger flexibility in all aspects of urban movement. 

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