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Make the most complex journeys easy to discover and understand, and help your customers get where they need to go. IBI Group is a leading developer and implementer of OpenTripPlanner (OTP), the open source multimodal trip planning and routing platform used for TRANSIT-routing.

Users are able to plan trips that best meet their mobility needs using a combination of transit, walking, biking, driving, micro-mobility and shared-use mobility modes. OTP can consume real-time data sources including transit service alerts and arrival predictions, bikeshare/e-scooter system availability, and live wait time and pricing data from car sharing services.  

IBI Group has been working with OpenTripPlanner for over five years. We are constantly working to improve and evolve the platform to meet our clients’ and users’ needs.

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Combine modes to find the best trip

TRANSIT-routing enables users to take advantage of a wide range of mobility options in a city or region in order to find the quickest and cheapest trip. Multimodal trips are supported, giving customers more options than ever before.  

Keep customers up to date

Trip plans take into account real-time information when published by each agency/service provider. Not only what’s published in the schedule but real-time transit arrival predictions, live e-scooter location data, and GBFS bikeshare availability data guide customers to actual vehicles. Service alerts are displayed for a planned journey to keep the customer informed about disruptions; this helps reduce uncertainty and improve customer satisfaction.

Tailored customer experience with personalized accounts

IBI Group has expanded the core features of OTP to include personalized user accounts for travelers. This allows users to store locations for quick access, find and save their regular commutes, and subscribe to email and SMS messages for delays, disruptions, or alerts that may impact their journeys. By subscribing to an individualized itinerary, customers can avoid the firehose of notifications produced by subscription systems based on routes alone. 

Modern interface with customizable components

Our user interface (UI) is intuitive, useful and responsive. The collection of advanced components include a fully customizable Javascript React-based library for building responsive web interfaces as well as native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. We continue to add new functionalities, such as supporting new modes of transportation, storage of users’ favorite locations, and recent searches to enhance the user experience.

TRANSIT-routing is used by over 90 cities and agencies around the globe. As flexible, open source software, the system can meet the multimodal trip planning needs of both large metropolitan areas as well as smaller cities or rural contexts. IBI Group continues to build on this foundation by continuously working with leading agencies and their customers, such as:

  • TriMet (Portland, OR)
  • New York State DOT
  • Florida DOT District 5
  • Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL)

Our mobility ecosystem

All of our mobility-focused products are designed to work seamlessly together as part of our TRANSIT Data Suite, but are also available as stand-alone solutions. Just like our transportation networks, our smart systems need to connect with one another to offer stronger flexibility in all aspects of urban movement. 

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