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With full architectural and engineering solutions from IBI, the new Flex-N-Gate office and facility is bringing many benefits to the city of Detroit, including new jobs and forward-thinking solutions in auto parts manufacturing.

Flex-N-Gate Corporation
Detroit, MI
700,000 sq ft Facility Size
2018 Completion

The Flex-N-Gate Detroit building is a highly progressive industrial project with which IBI Group is setting design standards for future manufacturing and mixed-use development in the city of Detroit. Flex-N-Gate provides product engineering, project management, testing, stamping, welding, molding, painting, plating, assembly and shipping for a range of auto parts. Providing parts to Ford Motor Company primarily, Flex-N-Gate’s new facility represents the first automotive plant development of this scale in the Detroit area in decades.

The building is primarily a manufacturing facility, but also includes a 40,000-sq. ft., two-storey office space which incorporates locker rooms, a cafeteria, a full kitchen, private offices, and open-concept, collaborative work stations. The structure’s design and programming emphasizes lean manufacturing processes and principles. IBI Group provided full architectural and engineering services along with full-time, on-site owner’s representatives as part of the construction administration.

After several interviews with all levels of Flex-N-Gate personnel and extensive analysis of the site’s contextual influences, IBI’s designers were able to create a final design that embodies the ideals of Flex-N-Gate as a company, and the spirit of Detroit’s recent re-development.

A new mobile ecosystem is changing the way we interact with and move throughout our cities. Detroit’s Flex-N-Gate looks to build the future of automotive excellence with an open and collaborative work environment.

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Todd Hoisington

Director | US Industrial Lead, Buildings
Southfield, MI

Southfield, MI

As the US Industrial Lead, Todd Hoisington excels at providing robust Project Management leadership for building highly technical projects. He is exceptionally strong at building client focused teams to deliver projects on time and on budget. Skilled in understanding the needs of clients, he guides a team through the development of a project with challenging project environments. He has proven this approach on large-scale projects ranging in construction value from $1 million+ and has been responsible for the management of multi-company partnerships on overlapping projects. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Michigan with over 15 years of experience in the engineering and construction industry.