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Making green living possible for eco-conscious families, Greenbury is a brownstone community, planned and designed by IBI Group, that incorporates wind power, wetlands, energy efficient homes, LED street lighting, recycled materials and native plant species.

Beaverbrook Pioneer Ltd.
Spruce Grove, AB
160 acres Area

IBI Group helped Beaverbrook Pioneer realize their goal to provide a sustainable and environmentally-friendly neighbourhood in Spruce Grove, AB. We introduced a modified, wetland, stormwater management facility and bioswales to accommodate stormwater runoff from roadways; a passive irrigation system to treat stormwater and provide nourishment to the planned forest; efficient LED street lighting; and wind mills.

A high population density was accomplished in the development by incorporating numerous fourplex homes interspersed with single family and duplex units, in close proximity to a 60-acre park. An adjacent stormwater management facility was designed by IBI Group so that stormwater released would be dispersed at predetermined locations, ensuring the sustainability of a substantial, existing tree line.

This unique neighbourhood also benefits from non-standard street cross sections and surface features that incorporate recycled building materials.

By blending data and design, we're fostering smarter, more connected residential environments. Using innovative sustainability measures, Greenbury provides a truly eco-friendly neighbourhood in Spruce Grove, AB.

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