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IBI Group developed IMMRSV, a virtual events solution, to bring the same full-spectrum user experience to virtual events that we expect in person. IMMRSV offers a flexible platform designed to outlast the pandemic and raise the bar for expected virtual experiences.  


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99% Carbon Savings
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The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the widespread adoption of virtual events, at the same time quickly revealing common limitations and challenges for online gatherings. IBI Group’s solution is IMMRSV: a suite of virtual event solutions with the capability for customization beyond the pandemic, combining leading-edge communications tools with three-dimensional architectural design. The result is a more familiar, intuitive and compelling online environment to stage more meaningful and memorable virtual events. 

Unlike a standard video call, IMMRSV brings an experience of place, autonomy and interactivity to virtual gatherings. Participants are empowered to navigate the venue as they choose, selecting from various content offerings by interacting with a virtual built environment, including a sun-filled atrium, outdoor plaza, main stage, presentation screens, and a suite of meeting rooms. These components are modular and flexible for different applications, accommodating live and recorded content. 

IMMRSV’s three-dimensional model adds value beyond a more aesthetically pleasant and immersive virtual experience. As city builders, we know event participants in the physical world rely on cues from the built environment to understand the tone and significance of a gathering, and these cues help to imbue our collective experiences with meaning. IMMRSV offers these essential points of reference to guide users throughout their virtual experiences. The visual framework of a main stage event signals a larger, more formal presentation, while smaller meeting rooms invite opportunities for intimate networking. This service offers unique opportunities for IBI Group to push the discourse and boundaries of virtual space design. 

By offering a durable alternative or hybrid companion to in-person events, IMMRSV supports organizational sustainability efforts. We eliminated 500 hours of travel as compared with the same events held in person in 2019 by using IMMRSV, previously called the HIVE, to host internal events in 2021. This achieved a 99.4 per cent reduction in total carbon emissions (0.1 tons vs.17 tons). To offset all emissions, we planted five trees and reached carbon neutrality. 

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