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Metrolinx “The Big Move”

IBI Group was retained by Metrolinx in October 2009 to further the “The BIG Move” initiative. Guided by our deep experience in urban transportation design, we crafted a planning framework that would reshape transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

Toronto, ON

The Big Move is a landmark document, providing a blueprint for a more sustainable transportation future and to transform the transportation system to meet the needs of the 21st century. It resulted in a plan for over $50 billion in rapid transit improvements, and policies and actions to implement it.

IBI Group continues to be involved in the implementation of The Big Move through numerous transportation infrastructure projects and planning studies, and is currently working closely with Metrolinx in the development of its 2018 Regional Transportation Plan Update.  

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Bruce Mori

Director | Sr. Practice Lead, Transportation Planning
Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON
Our increasing frustration with growing traffic congestion is matched by our inability to doing something about it. We need to do more with less as our problems become more complex and solutions more expensive. Creative and innovative solutions are needed to address today's transportation challenges, but they need to be cost-effective, tied to our goals, and supported by technical analyses rooted in common sense. We can meet the challenge because we must.

Bruce Mori has more than 20 years of consulting experience that spans the globe. He specializes in transportation systems planning and travel demand forecasting for major metropolitan areas and Landmark Events with a focus on rapid transit systems, integrated transportation land use planning, and sustainable transportation principles. He has responsibility within IBI Group for transportation planning, travel demand forecasting, transportation-related environmental assessments, travel demand forecasting, toll traffic and revenue studies, and rapid transit/LRT and road/highway design. Bruce’s experience includes major studies across North America and in the rapidly developing cities of the Middle East.