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Mount Auburn Hospital Healing Garden

With a goal of creating a space focused on wellness and rejuvenation for Mount Auburn Hospital, IBI Group provided landscape architecture services to create a rooftop healing garden overlooking the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The garden, spanning 5,000 sq. ft., offers a space for patients, doctors and staff to rest and recover within nature.

Mount Auburn Hospital
Cambridge, MA
5,000 sq ft Size
Completed 2021 Status

IBI Group provided landscape architecture services for the Mount Auburn Hospital rooftop, creating a healing garden, overlooking the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The 5,000 sq. ft. rooftop is filled with greenery and seating areas to encourage the recovery, connection and relaxation of patients, visitors and staff.

In collaboration with Mount Auburn Hospital and roofing engineers, we conducted a feasibility study to determine a design concept that considered the building’s structural elements, constraints and opportunities. A cost/benefit analysis was also conducted by the roofing engineers, determining that a conventional roofing system was the most appropriate option. Referencing both studies, we established a concept design for the vegetated roof housing all plants within trays to avoid over-stressing the hospital’s underlying beams and girders.

The garden’s pathways are easy to navigate and offer a walking route that encourages visitors to enjoy the views of the river below. The pathways strategically wind to create opportunities for large gathering areas as well as smaller, private seating nooks.

The addition of grasses and perennials enhance the patterning and dynamic quality of the garden, that can be enjoyed from both within the garden space and from an aerial view. To mitigate noise and contain the beauty of the garden, screen fencing was incorporated in the design. As a result of our strategic, thoughtful design, the Mount Auburn Hospital rooftop presents patients, staff and visitors with a unique getaway to recollect and rejuvenate themselves.

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