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“Acute Care” Best Match


Winter is Coming….and with it the Annual NHS Crisis

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...also to bear in mind the context of overall acute care capacity. The number of overnight beds available across the NHS is 40% less than twenty years ago, and whilst...


Old Problems, New Solutions

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...Earlier this year, the UK Commission to Review Acute Psychiatric Care for Adults released a report that included insightful health and economic arguments for systemic change in the provision...


Women’s College Hospital Redevelopment Recognized

https: / / / 2017 / 02 / 09 / womens-college-hospital-redevelopment-recognized-for-innovative-design architecture, engineering and intelligence firm with more than 2,500 employees, IBI Group has a rich history in the healthcare sector, providing innovative design solutions for treatment and care facilities...
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Mental Health Facility Woodland View Opens Its Doors

https: / / / 2016 / 06 / 21 / mental-health-facility-woodland-view-opens-its-doors
...The brand new, £46million adult acute mental health and community facility Woodland View is now open in Ayrshire, Scotland. The 206-bed hospital, designed by IBI Group and constructed by...
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Making Mental Wellbeing a Priority for Generation Z

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...for people suffering with mental health issues. IBI is working in partnership with Hugh Baird College and Mersey Care NHS Trust to create a Health Engagement and Training Hub, which...


Mental Health & Wellbeing in Cities

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...the ‘Care in the Community Programme’ saw people transferred out of institutions in the 80s and 90s and our mental health bed numbers have plummeted from 76,000 then, to under...


Live Well to Reduce Reliance on Health Services

https: / / / ibi-ideas / live-well-reduce-reliance-health-services hospital when other community settings or home care could support them. Coupled with continuing pressures on social care budgets, and baby boomers reaching their 70s, we now have a...


Women’s College Hospital Celebrates Official Opening

https: / / / 2016 / 06 / 17 / womens-college-hospital-celebrates-official-opening
...official ribbon cutting ceremony for Women’s College Hospital in downtown Toronto. The event marks a new era in patient care and advancements in women’s health. Beginning in 2010, IBI Group...
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