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State Route 15 Mid-City BRT Stations

The San Diego Region has been undergoing a major, phased upgrade to its regional transit system since the mid-2000’s. The SR 15 Mid-City Centerline Rapid Transit Stations includes dedicated, transit-only lanes along the SR 15 freeway, and two freeway-level stations to keep San Diego moving. IBI Group has led the station work from initial concept planning with the community, through preliminary and final design, and now design support during construction.

San Diego Association of Governments, City of San Diego
San Diego, CA
Ongoing Status

San Diego’s Regional Planning Agency (SANDAG) is implementing a bus rapid transit facility in the SR-15 freeway corridor in the mid-city area of San Diego. IBI Group has played a lead role in all project phases. Initially, IBI Group was commissioned to manage a study on the feasibility of the facility, and develop the design guidelines for future BRT service, stations, and growth within the intended transit-oriented development (TOD) zones.

As part of the stakeholder workshops and open houses to engage and inform the public, IBI developed an interactive website that allowed viewers to explore the study’s findings. Our technology solutions enabled community members to see how the project would look and function. The resulting vision for the mid-city community was one of stability for existing and new residents alike.

IBI Group’s efforts transformed a community who initially had fundamental concerns about the project, into a key supporter for the project. Subsequently, SANDAG retained IBI Group to follow through on the commitments made to the community through the station design process. The stations, now under construction, meet the community’s mobility needs, the transit operator’s needs for an efficient station, and add to the architectural character of the area.

The effort was an effective collaboration between IBI’s planners, engineers and architects to develop, evaluate, and refine design treatments for the proposed El Cajon Boulevard and University Avenue. IBI engineers and planners assisted the team in evaluating pedestrian facilities to ensure safe and efficient access to/from the stations.

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Steve Schibuola

Director | Sr. Principal, Transportation Engineering
San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

Steve Schibuola is the US Transportation Planning Lead with 25 years of experience in a variety of urban transportation disciplines. He provides strategic and service planning for public transportation, including major investment studies, feasibility studies, and environmental assessments of transportation improvements; policy and research studies in the field of sustainable transportation; and user needs assessments, software design, and operations planning for intelligent transportation systems.

Gary Andrishak

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC
In support of city shaping, transit plazas are the Italian piazzas of the 21st century.

Gary Andrishak boasts a multidisciplinary portfolio of significant work to his credit, during his more than 35 years in the planning and design community. He is equally at home in the co-joined disciplines of land use planning and transit planning, from the standpoint of producing urban master plans concentrating on Transit Oriented Development. Gary is skilled at developing branding, marketing, and communications strategies for public transit systems, with an aim to increase transit ridership and reduce automobile use. He is also expert in the development of public outreach communications plans to ensure the public is well-informed and able to participate in the planning process.